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Custom Toothpick Flags

Toothpick flags (also known as cupcake flags) are a fun way to promote your brand and messaging. Custom toothpick flags are great for parties and all types of gatherings, perfect for bouquets, centerpieces and other displays.

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Custom Toothpick Flags

custom flag toothpicks, toothpick flags, cupcake flagsBrighten a party with custom toothpick flags

Toothpick flags (also known as flag toothpicks or cupcake flags) are a popular way to decorate food dishes for any event. Be creative: use flag toothpicks to make perfect table centerpieces for your parties, events, or fun gatherings.

Whether you use them for branding, labeling, or just decorating, toothpick flags can spear garnishes, hold together sandwiches, decorate cupcakes, label appetizers, or just be there for the convenience of guests and customers.


flag toothpicks, toothpick flags, cupcake flagsThree toothpick lengths available

For 1" x 1.5" toothpick flags:
- Available lengths: 6.5 cm / 10cm / 15cm
- If you need other lengths, please contact us

  • Cost effective promotional product.
  • Full colours, double sided printing.
  • Graphic digitally printed on heavy-weight, coated paper.
  • Toothpicks are made from untreated wood (birch) or bamboo.
  • Minimum order quantities for FDA approved toothpicks (safe for food contact): 5,000 toothpicks per size per design.

Delivery times may vary depending on quantities, please contact us for details.

Due to health and safety concerns, custom toothpicks are non-refundable.

Our custom toothpick flags are handmade and sorted. Occasionally we do experience minor artwork shifting or toothpick flags being bent due to sorting and packaging.

Toothpick Flags, Flag Toothpicks, Cupcake Toothpicks View Custom Toothpick Flags Brochure

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