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Blockout Mesh Banners, vinyl mesh banners Gallery

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Blockout Mesh (Vinyl Mesh) Banners

blockout mesh banners, vinyl mesh banners, blockout vinyl, mesh bannersTraditional vinyl banners can't compare to our new blockout vinyl mesh banners

The ultimate in weatherproof and longevity, blockout vinyl mesh banners are the new tough but attractive option for areas with harsh weather or if you just want your outdoor banners to last longer than the regular fabric banners.

Our blockout mesh is a 14 ounce substrate which is far stronger than traditional 8 ounce vinyl mesh. Blockout vinyl mesh actually reduces wear on banner poles unlike traditional vinyl banners which can cause poles to warp after long exposure to heavy winds.

Unlike traditional vinyl banners or fabric banners, there is no need for unsightly wind slots to reduce wind load with vinyl mesh banners, the porous mesh design incorporates wind resistance into the design. Even if you have no need for its tougher properties, the capability of having a different design printed on each side along with its superior longevity make blockout vinyl mesh a great option for any conditions.

blockout mesh banners, vinyl mesh banners
  • Porous vinyl allows air to flow through it to reduce wind load.
  • Antifungal and flame retardant.
  • Each side can be printed with a different image.
  • Digitally printed on 14 ounce vinyl mesh.
  • Designed to last 10+ years and comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

We also carry a complete line of banner hardware for however you want to display your blockout mesh banners.

Blockout Mesh Banners, vinyl mesh View Blockout Mesh Brochure

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