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Street Banners (Pole Banners)

Dress up the city with beautiful street banners

Street banners have been enhancing municipalities and communities for decades. Throughout the year, special event organizers and campaigns also commandeer the civic posts to advertise their promotions. Fabric street banners, nylon and polyester, offer the most luxurious look because they allow light pass through and they move very gently with a breeze. If image colours that have strong UV resistance, the street banners can last seasons.

Traditional vinyl banners can't compare to our new blockout mesh street banners

street banners, pole banners, outdoor banners, custom street banners, street pole banners, blockout mesh street bannersThe ultimate in weatherproof and longevity, blockout mesh street banners are the new tough but attractive option for areas with harsh weather or if you just want your street banners to last longer. Learn more about our Blockout Mesh Banners.

Street banners can be installed on existing street lamp poles in the city. Our street banner hardware can display one or two street banners per pole. Street banners can enhance the ambience of a neighbourhood by decorating light poles for streets, bridges, parks, shopping centres, dealership parking lots, presentation showrooms, schools, and many other areas.

With full colour digital printing, street banner designs are only limited by your imagination.

Enhance the city with well designed street banners

street banners, pole banners, street pole banners, nylon street bannersOur street banners are available in nylon, polyester, vinyl, vinyl mesh (blockout mesh), as well as Echotex® - 100% recycled banner fabric - only available at The Flag Shop. You also have the option to add custom tail at the bottom of each street banner, the tail will flow when the wind blows.

Go Green with Echotex®

Whether you have a short-term or a long-term street banner program, we recommend using our Echotex® fabric, it's environmental friendly and economical. The result? You get long-lasting, beautiful street banners that are sustainable and works perfectly for your budget.

Street Banners View Street Banner Finishing Options
Street Banners View Echotex® Street Banners Brochure

Need a little inspiration?

Visit our banner designs page to view available designs for street banners.

Banner to Bag Program, Repurpose Street BannersWhat's next for your street banners?

While it is exciting to see your new street banners going up, taking them down does not need to be a solemn occasion. Instead of sending your old street banners to a landfill, why not give them a fresh start by turning them into bags?

The Flag Shop is pleased to support Common Thread Cooperative, a local group that repurposes street banners giving fabric - and people - a new opportunity. Please visit our Banner to Bag Program page or download the brochure below.

Street Banners A great way to "re-purpose" your street banners

Find out more...

request a quote for street banners Request a quote for street banners.
more about street banners Need banner hardware for your street banners? Check out banner arms and brackets page.