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Nautical Flagpoles

Nautical FlagpoleAdd an accent to your yacht clubs, boat docks, and other marine settings with Nautical Flagpoles

These custom made nautical flagpoles are meant to represent the sailing vessels from the maritime heritage. They are ideally suited for marinas, yacht clubs, island regions and coastal areas associated with maritime activities, as well as commercial and residential boat docks.

Nautical flagpoles may have either a yardarm only or a yardarm and gaff. The yardarm is the horizontal spar used to support and spread a square sail.

The gaff is the spar rising aft from the mast to support the head of a quadrilateral fore-and-aft sail. On a nautical flagpole, the yardarm and gaff are used to fly flags.

Nautical Flagpole

Nautical flagpoles are equipped with multiple halyards enabling you to fly a number of different flags or special pennants.

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