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Flag Waving Days

Flag waving days mark significant occasions where flying the flag of the observing nation is both appropriate and encouraged. We have compiled a handy list of flag waving days from all over the world so that you will know when to display or wave your flag.

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Date Country Observance
March 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day (1992) from Yugoslavia
March 1 South Korea Independence Movement Day
March 1 Yukon Flag Day (1968)
March 3 Bulgaria Liberation Day (1878) from Ottoman Empire
March 6 Ghana Independence Day (1957) from UK
March 11 Lithuania Independence Day (1990) from USSR
March 12 Gabon Founding of the Gabonese Democratie Party (1968)
March 12 Mauritius Independence Day (1968) from UK
March 14 Andora Constitution Day
March 17 Ireland St. Patrick's Day (461)
March 17 Newfoundland & Labrador St. Patrick's Day
March 20 Morocco National Day (1956) from France
March 20 Tunisia National Day (1956) from France
March 21 Nambia Independence Day (1990) from South Africa
March 22 International Day World Day for Water
March 23 Pakistan Republic Day (1956)
March 24 Prince Edward Island Flag Day (1964)
March 25 Greece Independence Day (1821) from Ottoman Empire
March 26 Bangladesh National Day (1971)
March 27 American Virgin Islands Transfer Day (1917)
March 29 Canada Constitution Day (1982)
March, First Monday Guam Discovery Day (1521)

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