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Flag Waving Days

Flag waving days mark significant occasions where flying the flag of the observing nation is both appropriate and encouraged. We have compiled a handy list of flag waving days from all over the world so that you will know when to display or wave your flag.

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Date Country Observance
May 1 Austria Flag Day (1945)
May 3 Poland Constitution Day (1794)
May 4 Bosnia Flag Day (1992))
May 5 Denmark Liberation Day (1945)
May 5 Netherlands Liberation Day (1945)
May 5 Czech Republic Liberation Day (1945)
May 8 Norway Liberation Day (1945)
May 9 Germany Flag Day (1949)
May 9 Russia Victoria Day (1945)
May 9 Ukraine Liberation Day (1945)
May 14 Paraguay Independence Day (1811) from Spain
May 17 Norway National Independence Day (1814)
May 18 Haiti Flag and University Day (1803)
May 20 Cameroon Declaration of the Republic (1972)
May 20 Sudan Flag Day (1070)
May 21 Canada Victoria Day (1st Monday before 5/25)
May 22 Australia Flag Day (1909)
May 22 Sri Lanka Proclamation of the Republic (1972)
May 24 Eritrea Independence Day (1993) from Ethiopia
May 25 Jordan Independence Day (1946)
May 26 Western Samoa Flag Day (1948)
May 28 Azerbaijan Independence Day (1918) from Russia
May 29 Finland Flag Day (1918)
May 30 Croatia Foundation Day (1991)

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