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Flag Waving Days

Flag waving days mark significant occasions where flying the flag of the observing nation is both appropriate and encouraged. We have compiled a handy list of flag waving days from all over the world so that you will know when to display or wave your flag.

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Date Country Observance
June 1 Alberta Proclamation of the Flag (1968)
June 1 Western Samoa Independence Day (1962) from UN trust
June 2 Italy Founding of the Republic Day (1946)
June 4 Panama Flag Day (1904)
June 4 Tonga Emancipation Day (1970)
June 5 Denmark Constitution Day (1849)
June 5 Turkey Flag Day (1936)
June 6 Sweden Flag Day (1663)
June 10 Portugal Portugal Day (1580)
June 12 Philippines Independence Day (1990) from Spain
June 12 Russia Independence Day (1898) from USSR
June 13 (variable) United Kingdom Her Majesty the Queen's Birthday
June 15 Azerbaijan National Salvation Day
June 17 Iceland Proclamation of the Republic (1944)
June 18 Seychelles Constitution Day (1993)
June 19 Kuwait Independence Day (1961) from UK
June 20 British Columbia Flag Day (1960)
June 23 Estonia Victory Day
June 23 Luxembourg National Day
June 24 (nearest Monday) Newfoundland & Labrador Discovery Day (1497)
June 24 Qu├ębec Quebec National Day
June 25 Mozambique Independence Day (1975) from Portugual
June 25 Slovenia Independence Day (1991) from Yugoslavia
June 25 Croatia Independence Day (Statehood Day) (1991) from Yugoslavia
June 26 Madagascar Independance Day (1960) from France
June 27 Dijibouti Independence Day (1977) from France
June 29 Seychelles Independance Day (1976) from UK
June 30 Democratic Republic of Congo Independence Day (1960) from Belgium

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