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Flag Waving Days

Flag waving days mark significant occasions where flying the flag of the observing nation is both appropriate and encouraged. We have compiled a handy list of flag waving days from all over the world so that you will know when to display or wave your flag.

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Date Country Observance
November 1 Algeria Revolution Day (1954)
November 1 Antigua and Barbuda Independence Day (1981) from UK
November 3 Dominica Independence Day (1960) from UK
November 3 Micronesia Independence Day (1986) from UN Trusteeship
November 3 Panama Independence Day (1903) from Colombia
November 4 Tonga Constitution Day
November 6 Morocco Green Walk Anniversary
November 9 Cambodia Independence Day (1953) from France
November 11 Angola Independence Day (1975) from Portugal
November 11 Canada Remembrance Day
November 11 Poland Independence Day (1918)
November 15 Belgium King's Day
November 15 Cyprus (Turkish Cypriot) Independence Day
November 18 Haiti Battle of Vertieres' Day
November 18 Latvia National Day (1918)
November 18 Morocco Independence Day
November 18 Oman National Day (1940)
November 19 Monaco National Day
November 20 Children's Day Universal Children's Day: UN and UNICEF organization
November 22 Lebanon Independence Day (1943) from League of Nations
November 24 Democratic Republic of Congo Second Republic Day
November 25 Bosnia and Herzegovina National Day (1943)
November 25 Suriname Independence Day (1975) from Netherlands
November 28 Albania Independence Day (1912) from Ottoman Empire
November 28 East Timor Independence Day (1975) from Portugal
November 28 Mauritania Independence Day (1960) from France
November 30 Barbados Independence Day (1966) from UK

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